Back-to-School Backpack List (2016)

night divided
*A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen
August 12, 2016
boy who became
*The Boy Who Became Buffalo Bill by Andrea Warren
August 22, 2016

Child with backpack and a books pile

Just in time for the start of a new school year with new pencils, new protractors, new textbooks: our Back-to-School Backpack Booklist! As is our custom, the Back-to-School Backpack list features a few additions to the usual fiction lineup. This year, we have a short section on science books that covers a wide variety of ages, and we are also offering a short section on spiritual books to help your children be well rounded students of all subjects! It’s easy to overlook the need to educate and instruct in spiritual matters in the excitement of new math books, but this list will help you cover the bases.


RR_Spot the Cat

Picture Books (Ages 0-8)


RR_When Green Becomes

Early Readers (Ages 4-8)


RR_Josh Baxter

Middle Grades (Ages 8-12; books listed in order of age appropriateness)


RR_we will not be silent

Teen (Ages 12 and up)


RR_101 Coolest Science

Science Books (All Ages)


RR_teen bible

Biblical Resources (All Ages)


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  2. Sheila says:

    The link for the review of the Teen Study Bible is broken.

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